SciFund – Day 1


This is exactly how I feel after an AWESOME first day of the SciFund Challenge!

I had no idea that this many people would jump start this great adventure with such gusto and excitement! I am so grateful to all the help I’ve gotten so far, and I look forward to hopefully getting to say “THANKS!” many more times throughout the month!

A few personal thank-yous are in order…

MOM! You were my first contributor of this project, showing your support just like you always do! I can always count on you to support my goals and dreams. Plus, you’re great at spreading the word about what I do with as much enthusiasm and spunk as a kid going to Disney World!

DAD! You were a close second to mom, and like her, you’ve always supported everything I’ve wanted to do and encouraged me to pursue my goals and prepare with hard work and determination. I know the whole science/research thing is new to you, but I’m proud of how eager you are to learn and share your knowledge with others!

A BIG thank you to my “ex-neighbor” but long time family friend and crazy Alabama fan (like me), Shawn McCreary! I love that our families have stayed so close over the years, and I love it even more that you are now as crazy as Dad and me when it comes to Alabama football! Thank you so much for your support, and ROLL TIDE! πŸ™‚

Another BIG BIG thank you is in order for another “ex-neighbor” but long time friend and crazy Aggie fan (HA!), Jeff Butler! I’m so happy to know that even though we are no longer neighbors, we’ve still kept in touch over the years! I really appreciate your support and can’t wait to send you a picture of Aggie Riv and his “certificate of adoption”!

Thank you to Angela Earley, my advisor’s AWESOME twin sister, for donating to my SciFund project! Not only has she been a diehard fan/supporter of all the graduate students in our lab, she is by far the BEST artist ever! Take a look at some of her work –>

Another thank you to the residents of New York! In particular, the great Charles Spielholz! Unfortunately I do not have the pleasure of knowing Charles, but I believe he is a friend of Angela’s. But hopefully I will know him soon! It’s great to know that my project is reaching so many people, even those that I don’t know, so I can make new friends and share with them what I do! πŸ™‚

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU to one of my best friends, Diane Schneider, for contributing to my research! She’s been along for the ride of applying to grad school and listening to me describe experiment after experiment – always with a smile on her face! Thank you for everything!


Again, I would just like to thank EVERYONE that contributed to my SciFund project to make Day 1 go off with a BANG!Β  All I ask of you now is to spread the word! Share it with everyone you know and tell them to ask lots of questions because I love chatting about what I do! And don’t forget to follow me on TWITTER!!! (@biolizlee)

over and out. πŸ˜€

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